ELMAH Dashboard

Great insight in your
ELMAH Loggings

An ASP.NET MVC Dashboard component for your ELMAH Logging.

Delivered as a NuGet containing the source code of the MVC 'Area'.

Provides log viewing and searching, auto-refresh monitoring, site availability check, geolocalization of users, etc.

Mobile Friendly

  • Responsive design
  • Bootstrap based
Auto-refreshing dashboard to stay in touch with your applications behavior.
Time reported in your browsers local time with clear 'time ago' indicators.
Graphs show hourly or daily application behavior.
Check your site's actually up & running !

Extended logging information

Setup Instructions

Make sure you have your ELMAH logging stored in a SQL Server database. This is a prerequisite for the MvcElmahDashboard.

You are now ready to install:

  1. Create a new ASP.NET MVC Application in Visual Studio.NET.
  2. Install the NuGet package "Arebis.Web.Mvc.ElmahDashboard".
  3. Configure your Dashboard by setting the AppSettings.

Check the MvcElmahDashboard Readme for more details on setup and configuration.

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